Policy on Drugs, Alcohol, and Hazardous Devices

Moravian College's alcohol policy complies with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's law on the consumption and furnishing of alcoholic beverages. The policy outlines procedures to be followed in the registration and monitoring of social events and prescribes action to be taken when the policy and procedures are not followed.

A full statement of the College alcohol policy is published in the Moravian College Student Handbook and is available from the Office of Student Affairs.

Moravian College prohibits the possession, use, and sale of illegal drugs. A policy statement to this effect is published in the Moravian College Student Handbook. Substance abuse issues are addressed through the offering of topical programs during the academic year to provide members of the College community with information concerning health risks, legal sanctions, and the like.

Unauthorized use or possession of firearms, other forms of hazardous devices, or any form of fireworks or explosives on College property is strictly prohibited.