Provisions for Campus Safety

To enhance visibility, the College has replaced decorative lighting around residence halls and in high-traffic areas with high-pressure sodium lights. Care is taken to keep walkways open and free from encroaching shrubs and trees. A campus shuttle bus or van transports students between the Main Street Campus and the Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus at regular intervals throughout the day and evening. Campus Safety and Police provides escort service for students and staff upon request. The office is housed at 119 W. Greenwich Street, near the Office of Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction, and is in close communication with FMPC staff concerning the security of campus buildings and grounds.

All vehicles on Moravian College property must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety. Freshmen are not permitted to have cars on campus or within one half mile of campus unless they are parked in a City garage or lot. Cars that do not display a current valid decal or pass will be ticketed by the department's police officers.

The Department of Campus Safety publishes fliers on campus safety and contributes notices and articles to the weekly student newspaper. In addition, the department is prepared to offer programs and workshops on campus security and crime prevention to student organizations and residence-hall groups.

Moravian College does not ask prospective students to disclose any prior police record. The Office of Admissions (but not the Division of Continuing and Graduate Studies) does not require statements of support by individuals in a position to know of any reason why an applicant should not be admitted as a full-time student. Current students who acquire a criminal record are subject to review by the Office of Student Affairs, and the College may take separate action against such students if their presence on campus places persons or property at risk.

All members of the Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, and the Comenius Center community are expected to follow all institutional regulations and policies as well as all local, state, and federal laws. They also are expected to cooperate fully with all agents of the institution in the performance of their duties, to uphold the expectations of the community through individual behavior, and to refuse to shield others from the consequences of their actions.  Information about the College’s view of abuse of the legal system or failure to support legal authority is stated in the student handbook at

Though Moravian College does not ask prospective employees to disclose any prior police record, the Human Resources Office requires statements of support by individuals in a position to know of any reason why a candidate should not be hired. Current employees who acquire a criminal record are subject to review by the College.