Emergency Notification

Moravian's emergency notification system will be used only for situations involving an imminent, significant threat of personal 3 injuries or property damage. It may be used to announce weather related college closings or delays. The system consists of a three-tier communications sequence, activated in the following order: (1) siren/public address message, (2) text message, (3) Voice-mail notification.

Sirens/public address message: the first notification tier, sirens on the Main Street and Hurd Campuses, allows the institution to alert the College community to an emergency. The sirens are deployed by Campus Safety and Police to provide immediate mass notification of the need for College community members to check their cell phones for a text message.

Text messaging: the second notification tier, e2Campus, enables the institution to send text messages to the cell phones of registered members of the campus community with information about what is happening and/or what precautions should be taken. Students and employees may register two cell phone numbers and two e-mail addresses. Every student, faculty member, administrator, and staff member who has a cell phone should register that cell phone number in accordance with instructions posted at http://intranet.moravian.edu/e2campus/index.asp. The purpose of sending a text message is to provide basic instruction (e.g., "shelter in place") and to alert people to check their e-mail for additional information.

Voice/Email notification: the third notification tier, broadcast voice-mail messaging, allows the institution to provide more detailed information about a situation, when necessary, to employees on campus through the telephones on their desks (also accessible from off-campus locations).

All students are required either to register with e2Campus or to sign a form indicating that they do not have a cell phone ot that they purposely choose not to enroll in e2Campus.