Who’s Responsible for Campus Safety?

All members of the Moravian community are expected to contribute to the safety of themselves and others.

Administratively, campus security is the primary responsibility of the Office of Campus Safety and Police, overseen by the Director of Campus Safety/Chief of Police, who is responsible to the College's vice president for student affairs. The office is staffed by ten commissioned police officers with police powers, trained under Acts 120 and 235, and three full-time non-commissioned security officers. All officers undergo regular in-service training.

The Office of Campus Safety and Police derives its authority from Pennsylvania P.L. 1063, No. 271, Section 501 (22 Pa. C.S.A., Section 501) of November 15, 1972. The office patrols all property owned by Moravian College, and its jurisdiction extends to all adjoining roadways. Campus Safety and Police works closely with the Pennsylvania State Police and the fire and police departments of the City of Bethlehem, with which it is in instant communication.

The Office of Campus Safety and Police is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Information and emergency telephone numbers are posted on every campus telephone. In addition to the police and security officers, the office is staffed by a Dispatch Office Manager, two full time dispatchers and four part time dispatchers who are in immediate radio communication with officers on patrol.

Moravian College and the Bethlehem Police Department have entered into an agreement as to how offenses on campus and on streets surrounding the College will be handled.

Student resident advisors are available on each residence-hall floor. Investigations of incidents are coordinated by the Office of Campus Safety and Police and the Office of Student Affairs. Disciplinary action is coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs.