Academic Program & Policies

The sections that follow outline key academic policies and regulations.

For a more complete discussion of academic programs and requirements, please consult the current Moravian Theological Seminary Catalog.

Moravian College as a corporate body has three degree-granting divisions that share a common heritage and value system while maintaining distinct academic identities and missions; a traditional undergraduate college; a center for continuing, professional, and graduate studies; and a graduate theological seminary.

Policies that are expressed in terms of "the College" or "Moravian College" apply to the whole institution, including the Seminary. Policies that are specific to the Seminary are expressed in terms of "the Seminary" or "Moravian Theological Seminary."

Information that applies to all students of Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, and the Comenius Center is indicated by a blue border down the left-hand side.


This is the official Student Handbook of Moravian Theological Seminary.  Information is subject to change.
Office of Enrollment: David DeRemer, Director, 610-861-1512