Community Standards of Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, and the Comenius Center

The privilege of being a student at Moravian College, Moravian Theological Seminary, and the Comenius Center (collectively referred to as the institution) carries with it the responsibility of following standards of conduct appropriate to our institutional vision and shared values, as articulated during development of the 2008-2015 Strategic Plan.

Our vision calls for the institution to excel as

  • A community of the great embrace, welcoming men and women from all walks of life, locally, nationally, and globally.
  • A community of liberal learning, where scholarship, intellectual curiosity, and creative expression invigorate all facets of our lives.
  • A community of service, which equips and empowers men and women to serve others with professional skill, grace, and integrity, including those who live out their lives on the periphery of society.
  • A community of wise stewards, who care for and enhance our treasures of heritage, people, and place for generations to come.

As such, Moravian will be a leader within higher education—a community of choice for students, faculty, and administrators, a model of excellence.

Students are afforded the freedom to develop their interests and life choices, with the understanding that we are first and foremost an academic community—a community of teachers and learners—and that higher community standards take precedence over individual behavior that might disrupt or impair the community.

The Community Standards document provides guidelines for standards of behavior for students and articulates behaviors that are prohibited or unacceptable. Students are obliged to follow the standards outlined in this document, and any violations will be handled in the manner deemed appropriate through the judicial processes overseen by the office or administrator appropriate to that student (College: Office of Student Affairs;Seminary: Office of the Seminary Dean; Comenius Center: Comenius Council). The conduct expectations outlined should in all cases be interpreted broadly so as to meet the spirit and intent of the document and should not be viewed, necessarily, as all-inclusive in nature. It is every student’s responsibility to acquaint himself or herself with this student handbook and the policies printed in it. Ignorance of a published policy will not exempt a student from the disciplinary action that results from not following it.

Student organizations and groups recognized by the institution are subject to its standards of organizational behavior. When an organization, through its activities, violates the Community Standards Document, appropriate institutional action will be taken against the organization as a whole, with potential sanctions directed at its standing with the institution. Decisions about sanctions imposed on such organizations may be treated as public information and disclosed as deemed appropriate. Imposition of organizational disciplinary action does not preclude taking action against individuals. In developing a sense of responsible student conduct on campus, counseling, example, admonition, and formal discipline all play a role in the protection of the community’s educational purpose. In keeping with that purpose, judicial and disciplinary proceedings, when required, will be kept simple and informal whenever possible, consistent with the philosophy of fundamental fairness and the educational purpose of the community. Sanctions will be based on the specifics of the incident and past precedent if applicable.


This is the official Student Handbook of Moravian Theological Seminary.  Information is subject to change.
Office of Enrollment: David DeRemer, Director, 610-861-1512