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Dr. Joel Nathan Rosen


Dr. Rosen’s research focuses primarily on the relationship between human activity and stratification as informed by cultural idioms such as music and sport. He is the author of The Erosion of the American Sporting Ethos: Shifting Attitudes Toward Competition (McFarland) and From New Lanark to Mound Bayou: Owenism in the Mississippi Delta (Carolina Academic Press) an d the co-author of Black Baseball/Black Business: Race Enterprise and the Fate of the Segregated Dollar (University Press of Mississippi). He is also the author and co-author of several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles, and the co-editor of Reconstructing Fame: Race, Sport, and Evolving Reputations, Fame to Infamy: Race, Sport, and the Fall from Grace: Essays That Reveal the Public Slide into Disrepute of Once-Cherished Male Sport Icons, and A Locker Room of Her Own: Celebrity, Sexuality, and Female Athletes (University Press of Mississippi), the first three parts of a multi-volume anthology project that explores the changing cultural dynamics that engage the question of how reputations in sport are formed. Ph.D., University of Kent-Canterbury, United Kingdom.

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