Moravian Campus Grounds Maintenance

New Sustainability Initiatives at Moravian College

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Defined as the selection, integration and implementation of pest controls based on predicted economic, ecological and sociological consequences.  As part of our maintenance of the college grounds, the crew is using IPM practices to guide how pests and diseases are controlled.

Pioneer Ultra Friendly Paint
Betty Prince, HUB and Practice Football Field are being lined using Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly paint.   It is the turf industry’s only VOC – free paint and the only turf paint to receive EPA recognition.

Organic Fertilizer
All of the athletic fields are being fertilized with the following products which consist of natural organic materials versus synthetic fertilizers derived from petroleum products:

Earthworks 5-4-5

It provides a steady and slow release of nutrients to the plant that result in a long lasting and very desirable color response.  Rock minerals provide sustainable, controlled release of macro and minor elements assuring significant reduction in plant stress.

Earthworks 10-2-5:

10-2-5 starts with 5-4-5 but with ammonium sulfate and urea added to create a bridge product that can help jump start biologically weak soils.

Trilogy TBS – Total Biostimulant

Trilogy is the combination of tree Earthworks Liquid Organics: Kick, Potent Sea and Base One making this product the most complete Liquid Organic.  Trilogy is a plant stimulant a root stimulant and soil stimulant all in one product.  The combination of these three products provides stabilized phosphorus, potassium and a complete trace nutrient package to the plant.  Trilogy provides surfactants and humic acids to stimulate deep and strong root growth and includes kelp and fish meals to stimulate soil microbes that protect the plant from heat stress and salt buildup.

Cal-Vantage – Calcium Complex

Cal-Vantage assures proper calcium absorption in the plant, to knock off unwanted soil bicarbonates that can lead to isolated dry spots and sequester sodium and other salts that can affect plant growth.

Reduced Pesticide Applications
No pre-emergent weed control on any athletic field turf and limited use of herbicides and fungicides.   An increased height of turf when possible will strengthen the turf and reduce the opportunity of weeds or fungus.

Mulching Blades
All mowers used on campus have been equipped with blades that mulch the grass, allowing it to add organic matter to the soil.

Gang Reel Mower
The HUB Field turf will now be cut with at 84” reel mower instead of a 72” rotary mower.  This reduces the time it takes to cut the turf and allow both a better cut of the grass blades and return smaller clippings to the soil.

Reduced Dyed Mulch
The use of wood chips and dye free mulch will be used in more of the landscape beds.  This will allow the bottom layer of wood to decompose quicker in the soil, providing organic matter to the soil.