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The Moravian College Living and Learning Community

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What does the research tell us about Living-Learning Communities?

Those students who participate in LLCs experience (year 1):
o A smoother transition to College
o Greater application of knowledge & critical thinking
o Commitment to civic engagement
o Lower levels of binge drinking & serious consequences from drinking

Student Outcomes for LLCs (3 years later):

o Higher academic self-confidence
o Higher likelihood of serving as a mentor or tutor for other students
o Continued commitment to civic engagement
o Lower levels of health problems associated with binge drinking
(National Student of Living-Learning Programs, 2007)

Moravian’s 2 LLCs:
Broadway & Beyond: NYC Plays, Players and Playwrights 2011 (Dr. Joseph Shosh, JF – Andrew Benson)
What are the best new plays and musicals of the current Broadway season? Do you agree with the New York theatre critics’ picks for outstanding plays, players, and playwrights of 2011? Throughout the fall semester, members of this living learning community will attend productions in New York City from the newest musicals on the Great White Way to the latest Royal Shakespeare Company import at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to experimental new works off-off Broadway. Registrants will maintain a theatre-going journal, blog about their experiences in New York City, and prepare critiques for publication. Students enrolled in previous renditions of the course have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park, gone on a scavenger hunt of the Broadway theatre district, participated in a role-play at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and met Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe after attending a performance of Equus at the Broadhurst Theatre. To read about some of their adventures, visit

Transitions from Youth: A Journey Toward Greater Self Discovery (Dr. Robert Brill, JF – Joe Balascio)
In our humanity, we typically strive to realize and achieve our full potential. Some of the most critical and formative steps in the process occur during adolescence and young adulthood, a time of discernment about what to hold onto and what to let go. This journey is individualistic; yet, as social beings, family and community are critical. For each person this process is unique; yet, common themes and dynamics exist. We pursue those commonalities together, so as to achieve a greater self-awareness of who we are. How can greater understanding of the formation of our values and identities bring us closer to happiness, achievement and our peak potential?

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