How to Make an Appointment

Our staff is experienced in helping students with many concerns and we feel that there is no problem or issue that is "too small" to discuss.

Your First Appointment-the intake session

Fill out, print and bring this form to your first scheduled appointment.

An intake session will be scheduled with the counselor who has the first available time slot. Allow one hour for your first appointment. An ongoing counselor will be assigned to you after the intake session. If possible, you will remain with the counselor who performed the intake session. If you should have a special request or if someone has recommended a counselor to you, every effort will be made to accommodate you. There are instances when scheduling an appointment with a particular counselor may be impossible.

The purpose of the intake session:

  1. the counselor will gather basic information about your concerns, overall health, daily life, goals for service, life experiences and how you view yourself
  2. The intake session is intended to help you gain a better perspective on an issue that may be troubling you.
  3. It is an opportunity for the center to get a sense of who you are.  The counselor will make recommendations regarding treatment at the end of the intake session and you and the counselor will decide whether or not therapy is indicated.
  4. If student concerns require interventions that are outside the scope of our services, the counselor will offer referrals to other services on campus and in the community.


After the intake session, you and the counselor will decide on how often you should regularly meet.

Participation in counseling is a personal choice. Some students are able to resolve their issue(s) in a relatively short period of time while others make a more serious commitment to continue in therapy for a longer period time.

We encourage you to talk with your counselor if you have any questions about therapy you are receiving, Counseling Center policies, confidentiality of your records and so forth.

If you should feel uncomfortable with a particular therapist, you may request to see another counselor at any time.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Counseling Experience

Cancel or reschedule your  appointment

Call the front desk at 610-861-1510 or stop by the office as soon as possible after you become aware that you cannot come to your appointment. You can also leave a message on the Counseling Center’s voice mail.