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Should I make an appointment for my child?

The counseling center prefers that your child schedule her/his own appointment with us. Students are more likely to keep the appointment and commit themselves to counseling if they have taken the responsibility to initiate the process. Except in cases of emergency, the decision whether to attend counseling rests with the student.

I want to know if my child is coming to counseling.  Can I call and ask?

We understand and respect your concerns as a parent.  We are not able to even confirm that a particular student is a client because of confidentiality rules.  We encourage parents in general to try to keep the lines of communication with their child open, and to express any concerns they have directly to the student.  Some students are willing to sign a limited release of information so that the parent and the counselor can communicate. 

Family Consult Appointments

If a student or prospective student has a history of treatment for psychological difficulties, a family consult appointment is an opportunity to develop a comprehensive treatment plan at the Counseling Center. The student must give permission for his or her parents to be involved in this appointment, and must attend the session along with the parents.

It is often helpful to provide records of earlier treatment prior to this session, or at least to bring the information necessary to send away for these records to the session (the student may sign a Release of Information Form so these records may be sent). During the family consult appointment, the student can determine under what conditions his or her parents should be involved in treatment and sign a release to that effect. If the student chooses not to sign such a release, parents may be contacted only if there is a life-threatening situation.

If a family lives too far away to have an in-person meeting, a telephone consult with parents may take place with the student's consent. We prefer that the student will normally be present in the counselor's office during this telephone consult, and all information provided by parents will be shared with the student. Parents sometimes call with concerns about their student and ask that the student not be told about the call. This undermines the therapeutic relationship between the student and the counselor. A counselor will always listen to parental concerns about a student even if the counselor cannot comment about the student in question.

Students who are under psychiatric care for medications may wish to continue to see their hometown psychiatrist for follow-up. A plan for regular follow-up appointments and access to the psychiatrist in case of an emergency should be established before the student leaves home.

Our counselors are dedicated to working closely with students to assist them in managing their psychological problems and succeeding in school, it must be understood that we cannot provide intensive outpatient management of high-risk clients. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to make and keep appointments and to follow through on the recommendations of his or her counselor.

Learning Services and Disability Support Services

Helps students to maximize their academic success through resources including tutoring, time management, study strategies and other learning skills. Learning Services Office coordinates services and support for students with documented learning disabilities. Students requesting accommodations should contact the office.

Health Center

Provides a variety of health and wellness services thru diagnosis and treatment, education and response to needs/interests of students during the Fall and Spring Terms.  Managed by St Luke’s Hospital through the St. Luke’s Hospital Occupational Health Program.

Career Center

Assists students in all aspects of career exploration and development including preparing for graduate school, securing internships, part-time and full-time jobs as well as international work experiences.