Commonly Asked Questions

Will other students know that I am seeing a counselor?

Because the Counseling Center is housed in the same building as the Office of Learning Services, it is unlikely that other students will know why you might be visiting our office. In addition, there are many students who come and go on a regular basis who are not seeking counseling but are peer tutors, student workers, or seeking career counseling. Counselors adhere strictly to confidentiality guidelines and will never tell someone without your written permission, that you are being seen in the counseling center.

If I don’t “click” with my counselor, what should I do?

Although our staff is quite experienced, there are times when a student meets with a counselor with whom he/she doesn’t feel quite comfortable. Because our counselors understand that there can be a multitude of reasons for this to happen, none of the staff members will feel offended or upset if you should decide to request another counselor. When appropriate and whenever possible, the staff will do it’s best to meet your request.

My friend is very depressed and I think he should seek counseling. Can you call him for me?

There are times when students feel great concern for other students. Counselors at the center very much appreciate it when a student calls to let them know they have a friend in need. Nevertheless, when a student calls and asks one of the counselors to to “check up” on his/her friend, it is sometimes impossible to leave out the reason for the phone call in the first place. IF you have a friend who is making suicidal statements or if you are very concerned about a friend, it is imperative that you let a counselor in the center know immediately. Counseling center staff members are trained to make assessments regarding depression and suicidal intent.

My best friend sees a counselor in the Counseling Center. It makes me feel uncomfortable to talk with someone who might have a relationship with her. How should I handle this?

If you know someone is seeing a specific counselor, request a different counselor. Although the counselors in the center are unable to confirm or deny seeing your friend, you certainly have the right to ask your friend which counselor he/she is seeing.

I saw a counselor in the center last year but I missed a few appointments. I never called to cancel. I am afraid to go back because I think my counselor might be upset with me. What should I do?

Most counselors are so busy that they won’t remember your missed appointment. The counseling center staff would rather you schedule an appointment if you need to speak with someone than avoid coming in at all because you missed an appointment. While it is important for you to make every effort to call and cancel your appointment ahead of time if you know you aren’t going to make it, staff members do understand that there are often extenuating circumstances. The bottom line is this… if you feel you need to see a counselor for any reason, schedule an appointment!