Training Opportunities

Moravian College Counseling Center Graduate Student Training Program

The Counseling Center at Moravian College offers a broad range of clinical experience including opportunities for both short and "longer term" individual therapy with a caseload of clients presenting with a wide variety of issues. Since there are no session limits, the trainee can develop his/her own clinical judgment about the appropriateness of the intensity and the duration of the therapeutic experience.

The following is an overview of the two training options available during the training experience. The directions for applying can be found at the end of the page.

Practicum Trainees

Trainees usually work a minimum of 15 hours weekly for nine months (mid-August to mid-May) and participate in all aspects of the training experience. All trainees must attend the weekly reading seminar and group supervision meeting.

The Moravian College Counseling Center generally seeks two part time trainees per academic year. Trainees who bring some clinical experience and those who are comfortable handling a full caseload are preferred.

Unpaid Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship

Emphasis is placed on performing the primary functions of a university counseling center psychologist, with generalizable skills transferable to a wide variety of settings. The intern works 40 hours per week. While there are core required components of the internship program, each intern's training experiences are individualized as much as possible to more effectively meet the developmental needs and interests of each intern.  The pre-doctoral intern will engage in the following activities:

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Practicum Training Opportunities