Practicum Training Opportunities



We consider supervision an integral part of the training experience. Supervisors include three licensed clinical staff.  Each trainee is given two hours per week of individual supervision.  Staff members and trainees also spend an hour per week discussing a relevant book or article.

Supervision focuses on supervisee’s goals and growth areas.  Supervisors review video or audio taped clinical sessions as well as provide formative and summative evaluations. Supervision also aims to enhance multiple aspects of therapy work (e.g., conceptualization and treatment planning) and professional development.

In terms of didactic experience, there are "Grand Rounds", a colloquia that focus on psychological issues affecting college students.  Special topics, exposure to different theoretical orientations, and practical technique trainings are also provided.

Group Supervision/Case Conference

Counseling Center staff and trainees participate in weekly group supervision/case conference meetings lasting one hour. Practicum trainees are encouraged to present a case, engage in dialogue and receive feedback from peers and supervisors.


All Counseling Center Staff have an open door policy and welcome questions and concerns from trainees. Practicum trainees can receive consultation from staff members who specialize in specific areas (e.g., sports psychology, eating disorders, GLBTQ, mindfulness) when needed.