Housing for Greeks

All fraternity and sorority houses at Moravian College are owned and managed by the College. Three of the four sorority houses are located on Main Street and the fourth is located on Monocacy Street. Two of the fraternity houses are located in the Hillside Complex and the third is located on Iron Street. Each sorority house can house approximately a half dozen members. Fraternity houses can house approximately ten to twelve members.

Living in a Greek house is a privilege and members are expected to respect all residence hall expectations, as well as College policies and local, state, and federal laws. Prior to general room selection each March, the Assistant Director of Residence Life & Greek Life, as well as the Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life & First-Year Programs, work with chapter leadership early in the spring semester to identify those members who will live in the chapter house for the upcoming academic year. Each organization is expected to fill their chapter house.

While not all Greek Housing options are ADA accessible, we will and can make comparable housing available for students with disabilities. For more information, contact Liz Yates, Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life & First-Year Programs, lizyates@moravian.edu. Additional information regarding Disability Support Services is available here.

The cost of living in a Greek house is comparable to non-Greek housing rates. Additional information regarding room rates in Greek houses is located on the Residence Life website.