* Facilities Use Guidelines for Non-College Orgs During the Academic Year

Arena Theatre

Arena Theatre is the home of the Moravian College Theatre Company. It is located on the lower level of the building. Arena Theatre Page

Located on the lower level of the HUB, it is the source of textbooks, college clothing, gifts, and graduation announcements. It is a great place to purchase snacks, greeting cards and health and beauty aids. Bookstore Page

Dining Services
The HUB Dining Room is the primary dining center on campus. Located on the upper level, it serves the majority of the students on main campus. Dining Hall Page

The Laros Room serves as a dining room for faculty, administration, and staff during the lunch hour. It may also be reserved for dinner meetings in the evening and seats 32 people. Laros Room Page

The Blue & Grey Cafe offers a variety of food stations which include Rappz and Deli, the Sky Ranch Grill, Pandini's and the Garden Toss.

The Pavilion is located across from the Cafe and is one of the largest eating areas in the HUB. It is the site of many IMPACT events, special receptions, meetings, and the viewing of television specials such as Monday Night Football, the Olympics, and political debates. Pavilion Page

H. Paty Eiffe Gallery
The Eiffe Gallery is located throughout the hallways on the upper level of the HUB. During the academic year, different art exhibits representing a wide range of media are displayed for the viewing of members of the College community.

Information Desk
Serving as the focal point for campus information, the HUB Desk is located on the upper level of the Union. It is staffed by student building managers from 8:00 a.m. until midnight seven days a week during the academic year. The desk phone number is 610 861-1491. Information Desk Page

The Mailroom
The campus mailroom is located on the lower level of the HUB. All the students have their own mail boxes and can purchase stamps or mail packages through the mail room. Mail Room Page

Meeting Rooms
The HUB has a variety of meeting rooms which may be reserved by the College community. These include the Amrhein Room (located at the back of the Pavilion), the Air Products Room, the Laros Room, the Recreation Room, the Reinhard Room, the Snyder Room, and the United Brethren Church Rooms. Room Page

Prosser Auditorium
Prosser is used for films, lectures, and a variety of activities sponsored by faculty and students. Prosser Page

Leadership Center
The Leadership Center provides space for USG, IMPACT (program board) and the Comenian (college newspaper). In addition, there is a library of leadership books, tapes and materials. The Center sponsors a variety of programs throughout the year.