Other Rentable Areas

The Portico, 1742 Plaque Area, the Courtyard and Kiosk can also be reserved for events.

The 1742 Plaque Area (right) is located across from the HUB, near the walkway on Locust Street. Groups might use the area for presentations, ceremonies, and fun outdoors events.

The Kiosk (left) is located across from the Food Court and adjacent to the Pavilion. The Kiosk is a agood space to use if your event requires registration. Many groups use the Kiosk for signups and fundraisers.

The Courtyard (right) is located between the Pavilion and the UBC Rooms. If you are using these rooms, it gives people a little breathing room by allowing them to spill out into the Courtyard.

The Portico (left) is the outside area adjacent to the new HUB Dining Room Extension. There are picnic tables set up all year.