ATM Machine
An ATM machine maintained by Wachovia Bank is located on the upper level of the HUB at the north entrance of the building. ATM Page

Billiard tables are located in the Pavilion. Members of the College community may check out billiard cue sticks and a rack of billiard balls. ID is required. There is a charge of $1 per stick per hour or $.25 per fifteen minutes.

Change Machine
A change machine is located on the lower level of the HUB just outside of the Bookstore.

Lockers are available for rent in the HUB behind the Kiosk and in the stairwell of the lower level. Students may sign up for them at the HUB desk. There is a rental charge of $10 for the year. Students must supply their own locks.

Lost and Found
Most articles found on campus are turned in at the HUB Desk. They are held for the semester and then put on display for people to review and take if in fact the article belongs to them. At the end of the year they become the property of the Haupert Union.

Promotion of Events
There are a variety of services available at the HUB to assist students in publicizing campus events. Students have access to banner paper and markers to make large signs which may be hung in the HUB. Once the banners are made they are brought to the HUB Desk. The staff will hang them in the appropriate space which must be reserved ahead of time. Banners may hang for a period of two weeks.

  1. Announcements can be made on the intercom system over the lunch and dinner hour. A form is available at the HUB Desk which must be filled out and given to the staff for review.
  2. Table tents may be distributed in the Pavilion and the Dining Room. Organizations must reserve the space at the HUB Desk. They may put table tents on the tables themselves once they have been approved by the HUB staff. Table tents may remain up for one week.
  3. Flyers may be posted in the HUB. They must be brought to the HUB Desk for approval and will then be posted by the HUB staff. Flyers may also be placed in the information rack located next to the HUB Desk.
  4. Helium is available at the HUB Desk if groups wish to blow up balloons.
  5. Window painting and chalking of sidewalks are permitted once approval is received from the HUB Director's office.
  6. Any other special promotions may be reviewed on an individual basis by the HUB Director at the HUB Desk.
  7. Room Reservations
    Rooms in the HUB may be reserved for all types of meetings and activities. This must be done at least a week in advance of a meeting and several weeks in advance of a major activity. The director of the HUB is responsible for reservations and can be reached at x1492.
  8. Ticket Sales
    Tickets are sold at the HUB Desk for many campus events. These include bus trips, dances, concerts, and lectures. Student groups may sell tickets to events or for raffles at the Kiosk in the HUB.