Academic & Disability Support Office

Alternative Text

Students with documented physical or print disabilities that affect their ability read standard print are entitled to textbooks in an accessible format. This accommodation is determined on a case-by-case basis, and students are required to request their textbooks in alternative format by completing the “Request textbooks in Alternative Format” form.

Obtaining alternative textbooks may take 4-6 weeks, so students are encouraged to fill out and submit the form to the Academic & Disability Support Office as soon as possible to ensure minimal delay in service.

In some cases, an electronic version of a given textbook is not available from the publisher.  In such cases, and in keeping with standard practices in higher education, the student must submit his/her text to the Academic and Disability Support Office for conversion to an accessible format (e-text).  This conversion requires cutting the binding of the text, scanning the pages, and converting the text into a readable electronic format by office staff.  The student will receive both the converted electronic version of the text and the original unbound text pages perforated and reassembled by chapter in a three-ring binder.

Download the request form here.