Academic & Disability Support Office

Disability Disclosure Process

Moravian College requires students with documented disabilities to self-disclose their disabilities to the college in order to receive academic and other accommodations. Below is the process for disclosing.

  1. Inquire about services for students with disabilities
    • Call the Academic & Disability Support Office  OR
    • Brose the Academic & Disability Support Office webpage
  2. Submit documentation
  3. Documentation Receipt and Review
    • Staff will receive and review disability documentation to determine whether the information provided is sufficient for disclosure
    • Staff will contact student to schedule an appointment or to ask for further documentation
  4. Disability Support Intake
    • Student (and parent, guardian, etc, if requested by the student) meet and discuss necessary accommodations and services available at Moravian
    • The agreed upon accommodations will be included in a letter of accommodation for the student to deliver to his/her faculty
  5. Use of Services
    • Students follow established procedures for utilizing academic and other accommodations while enrolled at Moravian College

Download the Disclosure Process Checklist here.