Academic Assessments

Disability Services

If you need accommodations for any of the online assessments, please contact the Academic & Disability Support Office via email at or by calling 610.861.1401.

Past Deadline

If you did not meet the deadlines, you should still complete the assessments.  Please understand that not completing the assessments by the deadline may impact your ability to register and get the classes you want.  In any case, assessments must be taken prior to arriving at the MayReg program because you will not have an opportunity to take the assessments once you arrive the morning of MayReg.  Students are urged to take this language indicator within 2 weeks after making the decision to come to Moravian College.

Assessment Name Required? Instructions Deadline Interactive forms Complete Online Technical Issues
Math REQUIRED http://math.moravian.
May 16 Assessment Dr. Kevin Hartshorn
All entering students, regardless of major or area of interest, are required to complete a short online mathematics assessment prior to attending May Registration.
Modern Language REQUIRED http://home.moravian.
May 31 Assessment Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande and Dr. Nilsa Lasso-von Lang

The purpose of the placement indicator is to determine the appropriate level in which you should be placed or in which you should continue your study of French, German or Spanish at the college level. The results will be available for you to discuss with your academic advisor when you register for courses prior to your first semester at Moravian College.