Frequently Asked Questions About MayReg

Who Will Be There?

Each MayReg day will accommodate approximately 125 new students who have been assigned to a First-Year Seminar group of 15-18 members.  This allows for personal contact with the faculty advisors and other advisors.  Parents will engage with other parents in discussions with staff regarding Moravian College.  Programs are designed to explore both academic and co-curricular life.

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What Happens at MayReg?

MayReg is designed to acquaint new students specifically with the academic curriculum. In advising groups organized by First-Year Seminar assignments, students will work directly with faculty members, student advisors, and other advising staff. The primary emphasis for the day will be on developing a class schedule and registering for fall classes. More detailed schedules for students and parents also are available on this web site.

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Why Should Parents Attend?

In only a short time your student will begin his or her education at Moravian College.  Whether this is the first time you are sending someone to college or part of a continuing involvement, we believe it is extremely important that we work together to help your daughter or son have a positive college experience.

MayReg provides you with an opportunity to discuss the academic programs offered at Moravian.  Members of the College administration will be on hand to answer your questions about student life.  Moravian’s expectations of entering college students will be discussed and methods for problem-solving will be presented.

With that said, please do remember that the Parent program is optional and should other obligations prohibit participation or you simply decide that the program is not for you, please understand that this certainly is a completely acceptable choice for you to make.

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What About Siblings or Other Family Members?

If family members other than parents would like to attend, that is fine with us. Keep in mind that there is no separate program for younger children or day care services provided.  Boyfriends and girlfriends should not attend, as we do not have programming for people other than Class members and their parents. There will not be an opportunity for parents or other guests to accompany students throughout the registration process.

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Do I Need to Attend the Entire Day?

MayReg is scheduled very tightly and in a very specific sequence.  For that reason, students must be able to participate in the program from its beginning at 9 a.m. until its completion, which sometimes is close to 4 p.m. that afternoon.  Arriving significantly late or leaving early will break the sequence and make it impossible to advise you correctly and complete your registration for classes.  If you have a conflict requiring that you arrive late or leave early, the best suggestion is to select another MayReg date.  If you have chosen a day and need to switch your date (subject to availability), please contact the Academic & Disability Support Office via email

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International Students

International students and American students from overseas schools are encouraged to contact the Academic Affairs Office to make other arrangements for registration.

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What If I Need Overnight Accommodations?

Those who live longer distances from the Bethlehem area may be interested in overnight accommodations.  A list of local hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfast inns can be found here: (

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What Should I Bring/Wear?

All materials that you will need for MayReg will be provided to you.  Just bring your excitement and enthusiasm for Moravian College.  You should bring a writing utensil with you, along with any specific questions regarding information that has been sent to you already.  Attire at MayReg for both students and parents/family members is casual.  Comfortable walking/athletic shoes are also recommended.  Temperatures in the buildings can fluctuate, and for maximum comfort, you may want to bring a sweater.  All new students will have their identification pictures taken.

If you have AP scores by the time you attend MayReg, please bring that information with you. If not, just tell your advisor about the AP credits when you meet.

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Why Do We Schedule Registration in May?

People often ask us why we schedule Registration during May, which typically is a busy time of year for high school seniors. 

We do this primarily for two reasons.  One is the availability of our faculty members.  Once summer begins, many of our faculty members leave Moravian for research and other summer commitments.  Secondly, and just as important, we believe that the MayReg experience significantly lessens the anxiety students often feel during the summer before college begins. 

At MayReg, students not only register for classes, but also often meet the professors they will have in the fall, familiarize themselves more with the campus, and meet potential friends and roommates.  We are confident that you will find MayReg to be a good use of your time. 

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Other Schools have Registration On-line.  Why doesn’t Moravian Register First-Year Students On-line?

We have the capability to register students on-line; however, we feel that face-to-face registration, working with a faculty member and student advisor, and meeting other members of your First-Year Seminar class is the best way to orient you to Moravian College, our curriculum, and our expectations.  This is your “personal advising training.”  In the future, you will register online, but we feel face-to-face is absolutely the best way to start.  It is this personalized attention that sets us apart from other schools.

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What If I Cannot Make Any of the Dates in May?

If it simply is not possible for you to come in May, there will be an opportunity for you to register on June/July. Information about the July registration will be mailed to your home address early June to those students who are unable to register in May.  For students who cannot make any of the possible registration dates, please contact one of the academic deans either via email ( or or phone (610.861.1348) to make other arrangements. 

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If I don’t attend registration until July, will there be a problem getting the classes I need/want? Is this a “first come first serve?”

No. There are three sessions offered during MayReg and each has a maximum occupancy of 125 incoming students. A number of seats are reserved in many first-year courses, and these “slots” are divided equally for each day of registration including the July registration day. There is no advantage to coming earlier or waiting for another date. After the July registration date, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to register for the classes you need/want.

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Disability Support

The Academic & Disability Support Office is located at 1307 Main Street.If you wish to disclose a disability, please click here for our information packet containing instructions on how to submit your documentation.  If possible, please send the documentation during the spring/summer prior to your arrival for the fall semester.  Examples of disability documentation my include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Most recent High School IEP or Section 504 Plan that contains psychoeducational evaluations, scores, and reports.
  • Most recent three-year re-evaluation report.
  • A letter from a diagnosing or treating physician

You may submit that documentation electronically via email to, by sending a copy to the Academic & Disability Support Office, ATTN:  Elaine Mara, M.Ed.,1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, or by fax at 610.625.7935. The Assistant Director of Academic & Disability Support will work with you to develop an accommodation plan to be implemented during your time at Moravian.  If you have questions or require additional information regarding these services, please contact Ms. Elaine Mara, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Academic & Disability Support via email at or by calling 610.861.1510.

For additional disability support information, please click here.

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How will You Communicate Information About MayReg to Me?

Once you pay your non-refundable deposit, you will receive several communications from the College.

  1. The first communication will be an email message from Michelle Shafer asking you to make your First-Year Selections, indicate your MayReg dates, and provide number of parents who will be attending with you. Once you click submit, you will receive a confirmation email showing you the choices you made.
  2. Dean Traupman-Carr will send out an email to you giving you instructions on how to take the online math and foreign language assessments. You can also find the links on our MayReg website under "Enrollment Process, Academic Assessments."
  3. You should not consider the day(s) you initially selected as the actual day you will be scheduled to attend. The official confirmation of your day will be sent via email to you around May 9.

Each of the emails we send will be sent to the email address you provided on your entrance application.

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If I know what major I am interested in, do I still need to register for a First-Year Seminar?

Yes, all incoming students must register for the First-Year Seminar, regardless of their intended major; it is a requirement. Not only will this course prepare you to write college level papers, something you’ll be doing regularly in all majors, but the instructor also will be your academic advisor until you declare a major, which you cannot do as a first-year student. You will be enrolled in the class with other students who share your interest in the topic and also will have an assigned upper-class Student Advisor to work with you on course selection and registration, both in May and in the fall for spring semester courses. Together, your faculty advisor and student advisor will be sure that you are enrolled in the other classes you need to pursue any major in which you are interested.

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Math Placement Exam

The Math Department will send a separate letter to you containing instructions on how to take our on-line math assessment prior to registration. You should complete the assessment before May 16, 2015. This assessment will help determine the most appropriate math course for you to take. If you have any questions about this assessment, please contact the math department directly at 610.861.1335.

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How and when will I receive my AMOS log in information?

The Center for Information Technology (otherwise known as CIT) will distribute AMOS usernames and passwords along with Macbooks and iPads to all incoming students who attend MayReg. During MayReg, you will register your network account and log into your new equipment.

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How Do I Register?

Once you pay your refundable deposit to attend Moravian College, Michelle Shafer will send an to the email address you provided on your application inviting you to choose your First Year Seminar selections and the day you plan to come to MayReg.  We will begin sending those emails sometime during the middle of April. 

If you submit your choices by the deadline announced in the email, we guarantee placement in one of your top five choices of seminars selections. If you do not submit a choice by the deadline, you will be placed in any section with availability.  We cannot invite you to MayReg until the College receives your refundable deposit.

If you did not receive the email from Michelle Shafer, click here for the link to register. 

You can only register once.  If you need to make a change after submitting your selections, please send your changes in writing to Michelle Shafer (

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AP Scores

In early July Moravian College will receive AP scores for any AP tests taken by students.  The Academic Affairs Office will compare the scores which earn credit to the students’ schedules.  If a schedule change is required or recommended based on the passing AP scores, someone in the Academic Affairs Office will call you to change your schedule over the summer.  If you already have AP scores from junior year, please inform your advisor at the time of your registration so that he/she can take those credits into consideration.

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Where will MayReg Be Held?

MayReg will be held in the Haupert Union Building also known as the “HUB” and the Priscilla Payne Hurd Academic Complex (PPHAC).

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You may park anywhere on campus for MayReg. Guests may park in the parking lots off of Monocacy Street or on the street in a legal parking space. The only places on campus where you may not park are in the red premium spaces located off of Locust Street directly across from the HUB or in handicapped spaces without the appropriate placard. Other areas will not be ticketed during MayReg. To obtain a map of the campus, please visit  If you have any questions about where you can legally park, please contact Campus Safety at 610-861-1421.

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Will the bookstore be open?

Yes, the bookstore will be open during MayReg. While at the bookstore, you can purchase the required summer reading, The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers.  Or you can purchase the book here. This reading will be discussed during your student’s First-Year Orientation as part of the First-Year Seminar course during the fall term.    

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Will I help my son or daughter select classes?

No, your student will select classes with the assistance of his/her faculty and student advisors while you participate in the parent program.

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Who MUST complete the online foreign language assessment?

Students who wish to continue their study of French, German, or Spanish at the college level.

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Who SHOULD NOT complete the online foreign language assessment?

  • Students who have never taken a foreign language.  These students will be automatically placed in any 100-level language of their choice: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin or Spanish.
  • Students who plan to continue their study of Arabic, Italian or Latin. No online Language Placement Indicator is available for these three languages. These students must talk to their academic advisor and/or contact the chair of the Foreign Language Department.
  • International students.  The F3 language requirement for international students will be waived.  However, we encourage students to take foreign language at the college level.
  • Students who took no language in high school because of disability issues.
  • Honors and Advanced Placement who have taken Spanish in high school
  • Spanish Heritage Speakers

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Who SHOULD complete a brief oral interview during MayReg in order to determine which language to take?

  • Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) students, who have taken Spanish in high school, DO NOT have to complete the Language Placement Indicator. These students will be automatically placed in Spanish 120.  However, they MUST complete a short interview during MayReg.  This interview will help determine if Spanish 120 is the appropriate level for them. Spanish 120 is specially designed for H and AP students who have taken Spanish in high school and it will fulfill the F3 language requirement. 
  • Spanish Heritage Speakers DO NOT have to complete the Language Placement Indicator. However, they MUST complete an oral interview in Spanish.  This short interview will help determine if Spanish 125 is the appropriate college level course for them. This course is specially designed for heritage speaker students and will fulfill the F3 language requirement. NOTE: Heritage speakers may be individuals who were born and raised in the United States or any other English-speaking country and grew up speaking Spanish at home.  Spanish-speaking students who are foreign-born may also be classified as heritage speakers. 

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I made my First Year Seminar selection, and now I would like to change my selections. What should I do?

You should send your changes in writing to Dean Carol Traupman-Carr (

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I selected the days I can attend MayReg. Something has come up, and I cannot make it that week. What should I do?

You should send an email to Michelle Shafer ( explaining why you cannot attend, and let her know if you can attend any of the other MayReg dates (May 20-22; June/July TBA). We will do our best to accommodate the changes.

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This page should answer all the questions you may have about MayReg.  If you still have questions after reading through this page, contact the Academic & Disability Support Office via email at or by phone at 610.861.1510.