Welcome to the First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience program focuses on first-year students and their transitions from high school to college.  This program is designed to provide support and encouragement from a student’s first day of orientation to the final day of the first year at Moravian College. 

The First-year Experience focuses on two main areas of transition:  academic and social.

Academic Transition: 

First-year students are introduced to the liberal arts tradition and the rigors of academic excellence.  The First-Year Seminar program helps students establish habits of mind and patterns of decision-making that will ensure achieving optimal success through a student’s four years at Moravian College.  The two major components of the First-Year Seminar supporting first-year students’ academic transition are the LinC 101 classes and the Common Reading Experience.  The Common Reading experience begins with a mandatory summer reading, culminating in a visit by the author, with a lecture and Q&A session over orientation weekend (August 28, 29, 30).  Orientation for first-year students is mandatory, even for commuting students, so please plan family vacations accordingly.

Social Transition:

All First-year students are assisted with their social transitions by upper-class student advisors (SAs) and, for residential students, also by the resident assistants (RAs) and senior resident assistants (SRAs).

Other Components of the First-Year Experience Program:

  • MayReg
  • Fall Orientation
  • Convocations tied to major themes within the First-Year Seminar
  • Academic and Career Planning