MayReg Information

All New Students Must Attend MayReg

Each new student is required to attend one of the MayReg days in order to enroll for the fall semester.  An optional parallel program is offered for parents/families. 

Required General Deposit

Your $400 refundable deposit must be paid to the Admissions Office in order to confirm your intention to enroll. You cannot be confirmed for a particular MayReg day until the refundable deposit is paid. If you have not yet paid this deposit, you can pay online by clicking here or send a check to:

Admissions Office
Moravian College
1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA  18018
Phone: 610-861-1320

Student MayReg Cost

There is no cost for each entering student participant.  The student’s lunch and other program expenses are covered by Moravian College.

Parent/Family Registration

The Parent/Family program is optional, but we would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you and share information about the College’s programs and services. Parents/families will receive an informational packet containing handouts that will be used during the program.

Special Note:  Your student will have an opportunity to register you for MayReg when he/she makes selections for First-Year Seminar and Registration Day.

Special Physical and/or Dietary Needs

If the student or the student’s parents who will be attending has special dietary or physical needs, please contact the Academic & Disability Support Office at 610.861.1401 or via email at

Lodging Options

For those participants who may not be in the local geographical area and may need overnight accommodations, you can find a list of local hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfast inns here:  (

Register Now!

As soon as you receive your first email from Michelle Shafer, please make your First-Year Seminar choices, select the day you plan to attend MayReg, and register your parents if they plan to attend.  Please do not assume that you will be placed in your first choice session.  We will do our best to match you to your highest preference, taking into account when your faculty advisor will be available. 

Registration Confirmation

Once you make your selections and submit your choices, you will receive a confirmation email message.  We then will process your registration and match you to your preference of First-Year Seminar choices. 

We will contact you again via e-mail around the first week of May to confirm the day you have been assigned to attend MayReg.  If you have not received your confirmation email by May 12, please contact the Academic & Disability Support Office via email at or by calling 610.861.1401.