Make your MayReg Selections

At Moravian College, all first-time college students are required to take a writing seminar called First-Year Seminar (FYS). The instructor for the seminar also serves as your academic advisor until you declare a major. When you register for MayReg, you will be selecting your top first first-year seminars that are of interest to you. Once you have made those selections, we will assign you to an advising group. You’ll learn which group you are in when you come to campus for MayReg.

Some Important Notes to Keep in Mind When Registering:

  • Five FYS topics are offered as potential Living-Learning Communities (LCCs) right now, and two will be selected as the 2015-16 LLCs, based on student preference. To be placed into one of these sections please select the LLC choices from among the FYS topics and indicate on the housing survey (sent separately) that you are interested in an LLC.
  • FYS is required of all Add-Venture and AIM students, so please submit your preferences from among the courses listed.
  • Submit your choices as soon as possible!  If you do not submit a choice by the time you register for classes, you will be randomly placed in a section where there is space.
  • If you only submit one or two FYS choices, that means you are granting us permission to place you wherever we have availability since we cannot guarantee placement in your first or second choice.  We do, however, guarantee placement in one of your top five selections. 
  • Your registration assignment day in May (20-22) is dependent upon your FYS assignment; thus it is important that you make your selections ASAP.
  • Around May 9, you will receive confirmation of your registration assignment through email.

Click the link below to start the selection process. If you do not have your AMOS log-in information, please select, “I do not know my AMOS user ID and password.” Once you enter your last name and birthday, you will be able to make your selections.

Math and Modern Language Placement Exams

Prior to May 1, we will send email instructions to you on how to take the math and modern language placement exams. You may complete those exams any time prior to the date announced. We encourage you to complete the math exam as soon as possible, especially if you are planning a major in the sciences or business.

If you have any questions about the FYS program or course registration, please contact your Admissions Counselor.