Welcome Students and Parents

WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2019!  Congratulations on your acceptance to Moravian College!  We welcome you – new students, parents, and families —to the Moravian College family.  The quality of the College’s academic programs, out-of-class experiences, and faculty and staff promises exciting educational and personal opportunities for all students.  We look forward to working with you as you continue your education. 

As a new student, your first official participation at Moravian College is our MayReg program.  During the program, you will gain a better understanding of Moravian’s academic program as you meet with members of the faculty and administrative staff, plan your fall course of study, and register for classes.  Participation in MayReg is required of all new students prior to beginning the fall semester. 

In conjunction with the student MayReg process, we also offer a specially designed program for parents to familiarize them with the College and its many academic and co-curricular programs.  We extend this invitation to parents to attend the MayReg program with your daughter or son.  We realize that not all parents will be able to attend this program due to having other commitments.  The MayReg program is completely optional for all parents.

There are three sessions offered during MayReg and each has a maximum occupancy of 125 incoming students.  New students will be assigned to a small group advised by a faculty member and an upper-class student advisor.  The professors and student advisors will work closely with new students while they become oriented to Moravian College and its curriculum.  You should be aware that a number of seats are reserved in many first-year courses, and these “slots” are divided equally for each day of MayReg.  There is no advantage to coming earlier or waiting for another date. 

It is important that you make every effort to attend on your assigned registration day, as your advisor may not be available on a different day or during the summer. If it simply is not possible for you to come in May, there will be an opportunity for you to register on June/July. Information about the July registration will be mailed to your home address early in June to those students who are unable to register in May. For students who cannot make any of the possible registration dates, please contact the Academic Affairs Office (610-861-1348) and schedule an appointment with one of the academic deans to help you select your courses.

Once again, the faculty, staff, and administration join me in welcoming you to the Moravian community.  We look forward to meeting you at one of the MayReg sessions this year. 


Dr. Carol Traupman-Carr                              

Dean of Curriculum and Academic Programs