Anna Nitschmann House

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The Nitschmann house consists of six 5-person, and five 4-person suites. Each suite consists of a common hallway and private bath. The entire house is air-conditioned, is fully furnished and offers plenty of lounge space. In front of the house, there is an outdoor grilling and picnic area. Nitschmann houses 50 students, including 3 undergraduate resident advisors. As part of the Nitschmann-Spangenberg complex, the house is supervised by the Nitschmann-Spangenberg undergraduate residence hall staff under the direction of the Resident Director, who lives in the August Spangenberg house next door. The staff is available to assist students with all aspects of residential living.

Nitschmann is centrally located on Main Campus and enjoys close proximity to amenities such as the main Quad, the sand volleyball court and outdoor grilling area and the Haupert Union Building (HUB).

The bedrooms are completely furnished, with the double bedrooms being approximately 12’ x 16’ and single bedrooms approximately 9' x 12'. Every room is assigned a discreet phone line that provides local access and students can obtain a pass-code for long-distance calls (students must provide a phone for the room). The College supplies basic cable TV service to each student room and the common areas. For more specific detail about Nitschmann house, please check the links below.

Each student has direct access to the college computer network for data storage and internet connection (there are two data ports in the room). Specific information regarding the campus network, computing resources and recommended system requirements can be found on the MC CIT Website.

Further info about Nitschmann:

Nitschmann has many styles of suites:
Suite 1A has 1 single room and 2 double rooms.
Suite 1C (the RA suite) has 2 single rooms and 1 double room.
Suites 2C&D, 3C and 4D have 2 single rooms and 1 double room.
All the rest of the suites have 2 double rooms.
Specific Dimensions of Individual Rooms (PDF)