Special Interest Housing

The Special Interest Housing Program (SIH) at Moravian College is designed to provide direct and environmental support to the academic and extracurricular elements of the College. It is an opportunity for students to define their on-campus living experience and contribute to the greater College community in accordance with their goals, interests and pursuits. These interests generally include an educational, intellectual, or academic focus, an affiliation with a recognized campus organization, or an issue-oriented affinity.

Goals of Special Interest Housing at Moravian

Special Considerations

Special Interest Housing Options

The German House (Hillside 5A)

The German House is a returning Special Interest House and is comprised of eight students who work together to achieve two main goals. First, we strive to promote cultural understanding and awareness of German-speaking nations.  Second, we seek to understand the German influence in our culture. People who live in this house have some passion for German culture and/or language.  Students who are generally interested in German culture do not need to speak German to be in the house.  German House hosts various discussions, movie nights, and small gatherings to explore elements of German culture.  Additionally, the German House collaborates with the Moravian College German Club to help support each other in our goals of culture and linguistic promotion and understanding.  Students interested in becoming more involved with the German House or German Club should stop by our house, Hillside 5A.  We have an open door policy for any student genuinely listed in German language or culture.  We offer basic tutoring for introductory German as well.  Additionally, students may email Cory Creen at stcmc11@moravian.edu or house advisor, Axel Hildebrandt, at hildebrandt@moravian.edu.  If students have a Facebook, they can "like us" at www.facebook.com/groups/mcgerman.  Finally, we have always believed in making our events accessible to anyone and everyone.  If a student has a disability, he or she should contact Axel Hildebrandt (hildebrandt@moravian.edu) and we can make appropriate accommodations. 

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C3 (Hillside 5C)

The purpose of the C3 Special Interest House is to expand community service in the Bethlehem and Moravian community in cooperation with the student organization, Campus Community Connection (C3). The five students in our house will accomplish this goal by working efficiently and closely together to bring volunteer opportunities to other students. Events we plan to hold include a welcome party in the fall, a C3 celebration of service party in the spring, and biweekly meetings in our house. We will also be hosting a fall and spring blood drive along with an Alternative Spring Break Trip in March. In addition, we are planning to partner with a fraternity or sorority to complete community service together and to work with Shane Burcaw's nonprofit, Laughing at my Nightmare (LAMN). Students can get involved with C3 by stopping by our table at the Organization Fair, coming to a meeting, following C3 on Twitter or emailing Samantha Blake at stsrb02@moravian.edu.

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Gamma Sigma Sigma (HILL 4G)

The Gamma Sigma Sigma Special Interest House, HILL 4G, serves a variety of functions for our organization. Gamma Sigma Sigma is a national community service sorority open to all members of the student body. Throughout the year we use the space to meet our diverse needs including offering a space for service projects and a place to host recruitment and social events. Some service events hosted in our suite in the past include making bracelets for Easter Seals Disability Services and scarves for local homeless shelters. This house offers a place for current members to feel comfortable as well as make prospective members feel welcome. The campus community is always invited to get involved with our service projects as well as come to any of our recruitment mixers. The Gamma Sigma Sigma Special Interest House is an all-inclusive space and we encourage community involvement in our projects. Please contact Maggie Callahan at stmec07@moravian.edu with any questions or if you would like to get involved with Gamma Sigma Sigma’s events.

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Feeding America (Hillside 5E)

The Feeding America House includes a group of individuals working together to achieve the common goal of fighting hunger in our community. The main objective of our house is to educate the community about hunger and inform them of ways in which they can help. There are few that know what a great impact hunger has on our community, let alone our entire country. Many would be surprised to find that more than 20% of households with children struggle to feed themselves. In Pennsylvania, the poverty rate is an average 13.4% while the child poverty rate is much higher at 19.1%. Hunger causes both physical and mental effects on the human body, including increased vulnerability to illness.

To help fight hunger, the Feeding America House will be holding several food drives throughout the year on campus and at various businesses in the Lehigh Valley. We will also be collecting money at sporting events to buy canned goods to donate. Anyone who would like to get involved can donate at any of our food drives or take their donations to Second Harvest Food Bank in Allentown. The greatest help to our cause would be to continue to educate others around you and encourage more people to join the fight in their own communities. Please contact Liz Tollou at stedt01@moravian.edu with any questions or if you would like to participate in a food drive.

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Jazz (HILL  5B)

The Jazz House is comprised of five students who will live together while we create music as a band. We want to offer a positive and welcoming Jazz outlet to all students, in addition to those already musically involved, as well as the Moravian community. We also hope to raise the general awareness of Jazz on campus through its approachability, universality, and the fact that it allows the adaptation of recognizable pieces of music. We believe it is educational and exciting to get a group of people together to enjoy America’s true art form.

We plan on hosting at least two jam sessions that will be open to everyone to come and enjoy playing some music with us. We’d also like to create an environment at these events which will be welcoming to people who might enjoy hearing live music, but aren’t musically inclined. In addition to the jams, we want to hold a regular concert featuring songs arranged, covered, and written by the band. During the holiday season, we’re interested in going caroling on Main Street, using arrangements of our own. The Moravian Jazz program receives widespread support among the student body and we hope that even more students will learn to appreciate this genre by attending our events. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our events, please email Peter Petrack at stpjp02@moravian.edu.

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Single Sisters (HILL 5C)

Moravian college was founded on many characteristics that each student should take with them after they graduate. It is not only important to inform students of the Moravian Religion, but the history of which this school was founded. We would like to educate the student body so that they are aware of how Moravian ideals impact our community. The Moravian Single Sisters’ house sets out to build up the talents and spiritual gifts within the school as well as foster an atmosphere of encouragement and caring concern for all. We will do everything in our power to ensure that our time together will promote Christian fellowship, sharing, and learning. Throughout our journey we will add people to our circle of fellowship. As a group, we would like to participate at the Moravian Open Door in New York City, become more involved in community service, and bring different speakers to inform students about the history of Moravian and its basic founding principles. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in our service activities please contact Alexandria Boyce at stalb17@moravian.edu.

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Theater Suite (HILL 1C)

The theatre suite helps to enhance the theatrical community on and off campus. Our presence brings focus to wonderful performing opportunities as well as aids in their development. It is through this suite that we bring awareness to the performing arts, specifically theatre, by getting the Moravian community involved in as many ways as possible. 

Some upcoming events include a mystery dinner theatre, theatre appreciation movie nights, and many others. All students are welcome to join the theatre suite in their efforts by attending the theatre company open house and other meetings throughout the year. Contact Ariel Hudak at staeh08@moravian.edu to find out how you can get involved.

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African Diaspora (Hillside 5B)

The mission of the African Diaspora house is to promote diversity in the Moravian community. We aim to make current and future students feel comfortable by making the community more visible on campus. We plan to collaborate with other organizations, such as IDEA, IMPACT and Spectrum to hold events that promote diversity and acceptance of other cultures. Some of our events will include a monthly Sunday Dinner, a Freshman Social, Drum Circle, African Food Night, Cultural Music Night and a trivia night during Black History Month. Please contact Jalessa Peters at stjkp01@moravian.edu if you would like to get involved.

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Memory Movers (HILL 5A)

Memory Movers is a suite dedicated to Alzheimer's Research. We are partnered with the Brain Club and work with our advisor, Dr. Fox, to raise awareness on campus for Alzheimer's. We hope to encourage the community to have an understanding that will lead to more respect for older members of our families. We plan on visiting a local nursing home to play games with the patients and find a local Alzheimer's walk to participate in! We are also planning an event called Grandparent's Day as well as a few movie nights to watch films based on Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Please contact Kayla Miller at stkmm23@moravian.edu with any questions or if you would like to get involved.

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For more information about Special Interest Housing, please contact Mr. Chris Hunt, Director of Student Life.