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Moravian College is a residential, liberal arts college that draws on the Moravian traditions of community, engagement in the world, and balance among body, mind, and spirit in the life of the individual. Residence Life strives to support the mission of the College and the Division of Student Affairs by providing a secure and clean environment that is conducive to intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.

As a residential college, we are committed to providing housing to our students throughout their collegiate journey. Our office strives to provide well-trained, accessible, and responsive resident advisors in each of the residential living areas on campus. In addition, we work closely with the Facilities office to ensure student residences are maintained and with the Campus Safety office to ensure our student residences are safe.


Gender Inclusive Housing

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Service, Support, & Assistance Animal Policy for Residential Students

Student Guide to Housing Selection (coming in January 2017)

Main Campus Housing
- Bernhardt/Wilhelm - Jo Smith - Nitschmann - Spangenberg
Hillside Complex - Townhouses - Overflow Housing - Special Interest Housing

South (Hurd) Campus Housing
Main - Clewell - The Hill (Hurd Integrated Living and Learning) - Special Interest Housing

Moravian’s residence halls are located on the Main Street Campus in a residential section of the Bethlehem community and the historic Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus. In an effort to accommodate a range of living styles, housing options include traditional residence halls, gender neutral housing, suite-style units, fraternity and sorority houses, apartments and townhouses. Men presently reside in Rau/Hassler Hall, Bernhardt/Wilhelm Hall, the Anna Nitschmann and August Spangenburg Houses, three fraternity houses, and units in the upperclass apartment/townhouse areas. Women’s housing is provided in Rau/Hassler Hall, Bernhardt/Wilhelm Hall, Jo Smith Hall, the Anna Nitschmann and August Spangenburg Houses, four sorority houses and units in the upperclass housing areas. Housing in the upperclass apartment areas is reserved for upperclass residents. Fraternity and sorority house spaces are open only to members of the respective organizations. The College provides options for special interest housing by application on a year-to-year basis. Dining facilities for Main Street Campus residents are located in the HUB.

Residential facilities for all students also are available on the Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus, with Main Hall as a residence for women, Clewell Hall for men and The HILL (Hurd Integrated Living & Learning) available for all genders. Dining facilities for the Hurd campus are in Clewell Dining Hall. The buildings of the Priscilla Payne Hurd Campus reflect the charm and architectural genius of colonial Bethlehem and the early Moravian community and are equipped with contemporary facilities for the comfort and convenience of the residents. Residents enjoy close proximity to downtown shops, restaurants and historical landmarks in North Bethlehem, and the more lively social atmosphere of South Bethlehem.

Though students are within walking distance of Main Campus, the College provides shuttle transportation between the two campuses.