Residence Hall Staff

Moravian College’s residence halls are supported and staffed by 35 Resident Advisors (RAs), 5 Community Advisors (CAs), 5 Greek Head Residents (HRs), and 8 Senior Resident Advisors (SRAs) who are upper-class students living among residents. The Residence Life Staff is in place to facilitate an environment that is comfortable and encouraging to individual growth, while allowing residents to pursue existing interests or be introduced to new experiences. The student staff is supported, selected, trained, and supervised by the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Assistant Director of Residence Life & Greek Life, Assistant Director of Housing & Event Management, Associate Director of Housing & Event Management, and Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life & First-Year Progarms, all full-time professional staff positions within the Division of Student Affairs.

Each community is supported by a Residence Life Staff Member. Traditional residence halls and suite-style housing, with the exception of the Hillsides are supported by a Resident Advisor (RA). Residents in the Hillsides are supported by a Community Advisors (CA) and students residing in a fraternity or sorority house are supported by a Head Resident (HR). Selected on the basis of leadership, character, and the ability to relate to others, primary responsibilities for all student staff members include developing community and enforcing policy. RAs, CAs, and HRs promote the integration of all aspects of campus life and assist in establishing an environment that supports the educational objectives of Moravian College. They are responsible for clearly explaining, as well as consistently enforcing, College policies and expectations. Due to the extensive contact student staff have with resident students, RAs, CAs, and HRs serve as a liaison and resource to connect residents to the larger College community.

Each residence hall or area is assigned a Senior Resident Advisor (SRA) who is an undergraduate student with prior experience as a Resident Advisor, Community Advisor, and/or Head Resident. Senior Resident Advisors’ primary responsibilities include mentoring and supporting the community's Resident Advisor or Community Advisor Staff and assist in the planning and coordination of residence hall programs and community building efforts, as well as being available to assist and advise residents as an extra measure of support. In addition as serving as a resource for other student staff members and residents, SRAs serve as a liaison to connect residents to the larger Moravian community.

Interested in Joining the Residence Life Staff?

Residence Life staff appointments are made for an academic year, with selection taking place during the spring term of the preceding year. Applications are available in January and are due to the Student Affairs in early February. Following receipt of the application, interviews with current Residence Life and Student Affairs Staff occur in mid-February. All selection decisions are communicated to candidates in early March.

Selected on the basis of leadership, character, and the ability to relate to others, interested individuals must have sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Second semester freshmen may apply the semester preceding when their employment would begin. In addition, applicants must have full-time student status; resided or have resided in a Moravian College residence hall for at least one semester; be in good academic and judicial standing with the College; and have earned a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

More information, including application materials, can be found on the “Moravian College Student Life: Residence Life Recruitment & Selection” AMOS page.