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Criteria for Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Courses

The Women’s Studies program at Moravian College represents an interdisciplinary approach to feminist scholarship, the purpose of which is to examine the changing roles of women locally, regionally, nationally, globally, and cross-culturally across time. Courses within this program, including cross-listed courses, should not only reflect this approach but should also be consistent with the following criteria:

  1. Course content must acquaint students with recent scholarship on women, gender, and/or feminist theory.
  2. Race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other systems of domination affect how one experiences gender and subordination. Women’s Studies courses should address, rather than ignore or dismiss, these differences.
  3. A Women’s Studies course should do one or more of the following: a) critically examine cultural assumptions about gender; b) explore the production of knowledge in art, literature, and other ┬ádisciplines that reflect on women’s gendered experiences; c) focus on providing information about women, their psychology, biology, roles, experiences, history, and contributions.
  4. Women’s Studies courses should examine and/or employ feminist genres, research methods, structures, analytical tools, aesthetics, criticism, contemporary issues, pedagogy, political theory, etc.

Note: Courses containing information on women, mothering, and gender are not automatically assumed to be Women’s Studies courses.

These criteria are a modified version of those presented in the National Women’s Studies Association NWS Action Newsletter (Fall, 1997).