Ever since I decided I wanted to be a teacher during my junior year of high school, I have endeavored to place myself in the path of teaching opportunities. My first such came in the form of a Teacher's Aide position my senior year. I was in a class with freshman government students, and I was often helping them with worksheets, reading tests to them when their IEP's allowed it, and generally helping to manage the classroom. This gave me a lot of great experience as a teacher, because I got to observe how to handle an often unruly class.
My Second semester after coming to Moravian, I was placed in a Field Experience at Hanover Elementary School, in a third grade classroom with Mrs. Ronyack. I found this experience to be very rewarding. Even though I am a secondary ed major and plan to teach high school, I loved working with the younger students. This Field Experience
reinforced my idea that I want to teach high school, while still giving me great experience working with and teaching younger students. I was sad to say goodbye!
Currently, I am in a Field Experience at Northeast Middle School, in a seventh grade classroom with Ms. Bowman. I'm excited this semester to be working with an age group of students I may actually teach one day, even if it is on the younger end of the spectrum. I really love my time there, and I'm always sad to leave every day. My students are currently working on book reports, and I love walking around the library with them, helping them find books to read. It's difficult for me to describe just how much I love being in the classroom this year!
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