British Literature The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
A site with Links Shakespeare's many works!
Beowulf In Hypertext
Find the full text of Beowulf online!
Pride and Prejudice
Here you can find information on Jane Austen's Novel, as well as links to the text and practice quizzes.
American Literature The Great Gatsby
Read The Great Gatsby Online, without having to buy the book!
Threads of Change in 19th Century America
Research common themes in 19th Century America to get a background on Literature ideals and also popular criticisms of the time.
Edgar Allan Poe: Tales, Sketches, and Selected Criticism
Access to many of Edgar Allan Poe's works.
Grammar Rules at Grammar Bytes!
A great resource site for many grammar questions!
Humorous Grammar Rules
Silly grammar rules to keep in mind.
Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Owl is an awesom reference site for young writers who need help with formatting, works cited, and general grammar rules.
Other Project Gutenberg
A great place to find any books that are out of copyright that you'd like to read but just can't afford to buy!
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