My Educational Experience

Since I enrolled in the teaching program at Moravian College, I had one opportunity as a student teacher at Northeast Middle School, Bethlehem, PA. The school has many diverse students, a few of which who are special need students; most of them have learning disabilities.  I did my observation in math eight grade classroom with coopwerative teacher. She was very relaxed and willing to help. When I started the field experience I gave full attention to my cooperative teacher and tried to get all the positive aspects of teaching from her. I tried to adopt those aspects and devote them to help students; however, my involvements were limited. First because I was very nervous and anxious about standing in front of the students and lecturing them. Second, it was not easy to gain those students trust and respect, which is going to be a big challenge for me in my professional life. Academically, I helped the students along with cooperative teacher toward achievement in the class activities and the group works. I had a false understanding of teaching when I thought that teacher job is to deal with the students inside the classroom, but I realized later that the teachers are responsible for many things that happen inside and outside a classroom.

mTeaching as an early field experience had a big impact on me. Since I wasn't born in USA, I have never been to American middle school before till I had this interesting experience. So by observing the students behavior and knowing how the school system works was really beneficial and advantageous toward my future career as a teacher. I had to deal with interesting students from all different backgrounds. The field experience helped me developing better communication skills, especially with students in the middle school ages. And being a mother with good experience dealing with children helped me successfully adapt to the new skills and experience required to deal with such age.

m this journey, I found that approaching and understanding students, the school system, and other school members will be my biggest concern; however, being a student at Moravian college is big plus for me. The teaching program curriculum along with teaching student will supply me with the good foundation that I need to start effective and succhessful career. I hope that one day I would be a teacher who makes a difference in the students’ lives.

My Philosophy of Education

I believe educatingn children in depth will affect their lives and influence other people who come into contact with them. Education provides the good foundation for a child, so he/she recognizes the right track and proceed on it. Without good  education, it is impossible for person to develop his/ her own lives and be productive in the future. The schools have a responsibility to transmit knowledge; so that the students positivly contribute to society. The good schools also should have teachers who are willing to sacrifice and ensure that their students can be successful not just at the present, but also for lifetime. Our students deserve an outstanding education that will help academically, socially, and personally. Teachers should be positive role models who fulfill the student’s needs.

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