My Educational Experiences

Field Experience at Moravian College

ASA Packer Elementary School: My first field experience was at ASA Packer Elementary School, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I was placed in Mrs. Sherman's fifth grade classroom and was given the opportunity to work with higher level students. This being my first field experience I was eager to get involved and was thrilled that Mrs. Sherman provided me with the opportunity to work hands-on with the students. I assisted her with grading assignments, leading class discussions and guided reading groups.

Clearview Elementary School: For both my second field experience and my Pre-Student teaching field, I was privileged to given the chance to be placed in Mr. Markham's fourth grade class. Mr. Markham has mentored me and allowed me to explore my own personal teaching philosophy. As a mentor, he trained me to develop my "teacher voice" and a guided me to gain knowledge about how to gain control of a classroom; his classroom management method helped me grow as a future educator.

During my time at Clearview Elementary, I was privileged to work with all learning levels of students. I did not have a typical homeroom class, I was fortunate enough to work with all the fourth graders (about 75 students) and teach numerous lessons, create my own assessments, and use arts, crafts and music to enhance the students creative side in my lessons. Mr. Markham allowed me to gain full access to classroom supplies and provided me with resources in order for me to make the best out of my experience at Clearview. He allowed me to work hands-on with the students and gain a connection with all the fourth graders. I worked independently with the school psychologist and gained knowledge and access about student's IEP's, testing schedules, steps taken if a teacher thinks a student should be tested and how as a teacher should approach parents. This opportunity has been very beneficial to me as both an individual and a future educator.


Other Experiences with Children

The Growing Tree Day Care: I was employed at The Growing Tree Day Care in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. I worked hands on with grade school children (ages: 6-12). I guided lessons over the summer program and during the school year, I worked with the children and helped them with their homework. It was my responsibility to make sure all the students finished their homework before they were allowed to have "play time." It was also my responsibility to prepare daily activities fo the children to partake in, from lesson plans to craft projects, and more.
growing tree
America Reads Program: While attending Moravian College, I received the benefit where I would go out to the Bethlehem Area School District and tutor students that were struggling readers. I was assigned students and it was my responsibility to come prepared with helpful activities/lessons that would benefit each student. Mostly, I sat with the students and had them read me a book that I brought in just to begin the session. After the reading of a story, I would go over some of the assignments that student has for class. I would also work hand in hand with the classroom teacher on how to help the student.

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