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Math For Kids

Math For Kids is a great website for students of all ages! It lets them pick which level of difficulty they want, what grade level they are. There are also links on this page for parents.
This website allows the student, or parent, to chose the grade level for their students. In the level, there are skills. when you click on a skill, it will take you to an interactive game!
Math Playground
This website allows students to interact with Math problems in different ways. They can play all different types of games to engage with the material!
On this website, children can play games that aid in their development as readers. They can pick their level and then pick a game that looks fun to them. Children love being able to decide which games they want to play. The games test their sight words, decoding skills, and many other things!
Good Sites for Kids
This site allows all levels of readers to do activities. They can pick new readers, read alouds, and many more sections. This site is great for ESL students.
Storyline Online
Storyline Online allow students to pick different stories that they can read along with. The site has the students pick a book to read and then it interacts with the student while they are reading.
Greta's Game Station
Greta's Game Station
Greta's Game Station is a great website for students to test their knowledge of historical facts. They can chose a time period or event and then play games to test their knowledge.
Brain Pop
This website is more social studies based. It tests students' knowledge of economics, government, and all aspects of social studies.
America's Story from American Library
This website shows students different historical events of people. It gives the students valuable information about the events or people.

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