Educational Links

Math Links
Math A TO Z
Math A To Z
A great way for students to learn about different areas in math that they may struggle in.
Math Playground
math playground

Great range of math skills! Suitable for elementary and middle aged students!
IXL Math Grades Pre-L to 8
IXL Different math skills broken down into Pre-K through 8th Grade.

Science Links
Science Monster
science monster
A very colorful and helpful website for students interested in leaning about science.
NASA Kids Club is a great way for students to explore science!
ScienceNews for kids
science news for kids
Do you have a science fair coming up? This is a great website to give you several different ideas for science projects.
Try Science
try science
A fun website for students looking for an exciting and interesting experiement or adventures.

Traits of Writing
traits of writing A great website to introduce you to the different traits of writing.
Kids Spell
kids spell Having trouble with spelling? Here you can create your own list or use one that has already been created to play games and learn your words.
Kids Spelling, Grammar and Writing Games
girl holding pencil
Lots of kid writing games that have an educational focus to help kids learn how to write while having fun at the same time.

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