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My name is Erin Bradley and I am a junior at Moravian College.  I am majoring in Elementary Education and English. I decided to come to Moravian because they had an excellent Education program and a great basketball team. I live in Fairfield, New Jersey and attended Stevenson Elementary School, Churchill Middle School and West Essex Junior and High School.

Besides my love for children, I have a love for, rather obsession with sports. I have played sports since forever; they are a huge part of my life. I enjoy playing and watching basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball and tennis. However, my true passion is of basketball, which I continued to play here at Moravian after High School. Last year, however, I suffered a concussion and had to stop playing. Although I miss playing, I am still part of the team because I am now manager. I also enjoy spending time my family and friends and going on vacation to the jersey shore, Myrtle Beach, the Bahamas or Aruba.

Ever since I can remember, I have gotten along well with kids. I began thinking about being a teacher around my freshman year in high school when I started babysitting and working basketball camps. I worked with kids of all ages from 2-12 at basketball camps and clinics. I really enjoyed doing that because I got to teach them about the game, the game that I love and excel in. Although I wasn’t teaching them math or science, they were still learning and maturing and that was the best part. I have also been babysitting for eight years now, and had great experiences with the families I have worked with. Thanks to babysitting children from five days old to thirteen, I feel very confident and comfortable about caring for children and being around them.

I am currently in my third field experience and I continue to enjoy being in the classroom. I have always had a natural connection with children were they just seem to gravitate toward me, whether it is at camps, day care, a picnic or barbecue or around my town. Since I get along so well with children and enjoy spending time and working with them, I know I was meant to be a teacher. Another reason why I chose to be a teacher is because I had some great teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school and I formed life-long relationships with several of them. The wonderful connection formed between student and teacher is what makes being an educator so rewarding. I am looking forward to my pre-student teaching and student teaching experiences within the next year as well as having a classroom of my own!

My sister, Lauren and I on vacation in 2007.
My friends Kathleen, Amy, Kirsty and I. They were my housemates my junior year.
Here I am with some of my best friends Emily, Jennie, Jess, Me, Amie and Aly.
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