My Experiences In The Classroom

Asa Packer Elementary School

Mrs. Tice

First Grade

This was my first field experience. I was placed in a first grade classroom of around twenty students. I really became aware of how much time and commitment it takes to be a teacher. I got to read with students in small groups or individually. I also helped them with activities and in class assignments. I also learned about classroom discipline and the different methods and strategies to maintain appropriate student behavior. Overall I really enjoyed this placement and having the opportunity to work with young students.

James Buchanan Elementary School

Ms. Butt

Third Grade

My second field experience was in a 3rd grade class of about seventeen students, three of which were students with special needs. They spent half the day in the regular education classroom and the other half in the special education classroom. This placement was so great because I learned a lot about inclusion and making accommodations for students with disabilities. I realized how much time and dedication is needed to plan and adapt classroom instruction to fit all students. However, I feel very comfortable in doing so because I experienced inclusion first hand, which is why I found this placement to be so valuable and educational. Although I was a little leery in the beginning of working with older students, I quickly began to enjoy my time with them.

Marvine Elementary

Mrs. Weikert


I am currently doing my third field experience. I am back to working with young children in kindergarten. I can already tell that this placement is going to be beneficial to me just as the others. Since this school is extremely diverse and the majority of the students are “at risk,” I am going to learn different ways of handling diversity in the classroom, adapting classroom instruction and using several instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners. There are other challenges my cooperating teacher has to face such as having twenty-seven students and having a second floor classroom, away from the other kindergarten classes. It is very hard to maintain control of the class and to maintain students’ focus without the help of aids. It is also a hassle to bring students to lunch and their specials because they have walk so far and go up and down stairs, which is very difficult to do with twenty-seven four and five year olds. Although this has been a unique experience thus far, this is a great opportunity for me to become a better, more experienced teacher.

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