Educational Links


A great website for children who are learning to read. It also incorporates different holidays.

A great site for children's literacy development and for teachers to get ideas for classroom activites.
Has interactive Clifford and Magic School Bus stories and games for kids.
An excellent site for middle school students who need help with English and grammar.

A good website that offers homework help and study tools like flashcards and worksheets in a wide range of topics from basic addition to algebra.

A great interactive math site for everyone that includes games, puzzles and mini lessons on times tables and fractions.

Offers numerous math games that help students with basic operations, telling time, fractions, geometry and algebra.

A very educational science site designed by NASA.

An all around terrific site for elementary school students that offers fun games about all the subject areas and holidays.

A good tool for homework help in science for middle school students.

Social Studies

An informative site by the library of congress that lets you explore each state, go back in time and meet famous Americans.

An excellent, all round social studies site for middle schoolers learning about the US government, the presidents, the history of the US, current news and different cultures and holidays.

A great tool for homework help in history for middle school age children.

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