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Hi, my name is Eileen Black.  I am a junior at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  I am majoring in Elementary Education and Mathematics.  I have enjoyed being around children my entire life and decided I wanted to become a teacher when I first came to Moravian.  I hope to lead an interactive classroom one day where the needs of all my students are being fulfilled.


I am the captain of the Moravian women's soccer team and have enjoyed my first three years with the team immensely.  I am also a member of the Math Society at Moravian and have participated in some of the Student Athlete Committee events.  I played basketball throughout high school as well.  I have coached at numerous youth soccer and basketball clinics.  I also recently received my New Jersey Youth Soccer Coaching E license.  I hope to open and run my own soccer training company one day. 


I have lived in Branchburg, New Jersey with my family since Kindergarten.  Along with my Mom and Dad, I also live with my brother, Joe, and my sister, Jillian.  We have a dog, Daisy, and a cat, Tip.  My family is really into sports and all of us enjoy staying active.  We also like to travel on vacation and attend various professional sporting events.


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