Educational Experiences

Asa Packer Elementary School
My first field experience was at Asa Packer Elementary School.  I was in a 5th grade classroom with Mrs. Sherman.  I had no idea what to expect in my first placement, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Mrs. Sherman let me interact and and work with small groups of students.  I also was able to observe how she assessed her students, and she even let me grade a few of the student's projects.  I was very thankful that Mrs. Sherman let me be so involved during my first experience.  I came out of that semester with an increased motivation for teaching, and valuable knowledge that would help me in my later field experiences.
Calypso Elementary School
My second field experience took place at Calypso Elementary School.  My cooperating teacher, Mrs. DeLong, was a learning support teacher.  I was able to work with 3rd and 4th grade while under her guidance.  I even taught a few lessons in the 4th grade classroom.  Being able to work with diverse learners taught me a lot about how many different learning styles there are.  While some of the students challenged me to alter the way I taught, I was thankful to have had this experience.  Mrs. DeLong taught me so much about the IEP process which will definitely help me in my teaching career.
Fountain Hill Elementary School
My third field experience was at Fountain Hill Elementary School.  I was placed in a 1st grade classroom with Mrs. Clavens. This 1st grade class was very diverse and gave me a new insight into teaching elementary students.  I taught two literacy lessons, including a guided reading lesson.  I also helped the students with their Thanksgiving Day Feast.  1st grade is the youngest age group I have taught so far and I really enjoyed it.  The students were enthusiastic and willing to learn what I was teaching them.
Hanover Elementary School
My pre-student teaching experience was at Hanover Elementary School.  I was in a 2nd grade class with Mrs. Ronyack.  Even though there was also a student teacher in the class at the same time, I was able to teach five lessons and gain much classroom experience.  Mrs. Ronyack was very organized and introduced me to things like DRA's, interventions, and learning centers.  I enjoyed this experience very much and felt that Mrs. Ronyack fully prepared me for student teaching next year.

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