About Me

I  have worked in the chemical industry for over 14 years in various capacities including research and development, technical service, marketing, and most recently sales.  I have been employed for three different companies in these different capacities working with a variety of personalities along the way.  It has made me more resilient, an improved team player and provided me with excellent networking experiences.  However, it is very individually rewarding and does not fulfill the part of me that has always been a leader, coach and mentor. 

I graduapersonal picted with my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh in 1997.  I had originally been a secondary education Chemistry major but was persuaded by my advisor to take as many courses in my subject concentration as possible.  With that advice, I changed my major to Chemistry with the intentions of staying in school to get my Masters in Teaching.  That did not happen and I've gotten comfortable and acclimated to the industry I service and sell.   However, I've gotten away from what I loved to do in the first place. 

Along the way I was continually involved in teaching and mentoring.  I coached little league baseball, 5th and 6th grade basketball, and kindersoccer (see picture below).  I was President of my class, President of the Key Club, and President of my college American Chemical Society chapter.  I was a mentor in high school, tutor in college, and went out to local elementary schools to perform chemistry experiments in classrooms. 

My goal is to get back into what my true love is, to be a teach and leader.  I miss the ability to transfer knowledge to kids and see the smile on their faces when they get it.  There is no larger reward than seeing children learn and make progress.

upper milford kindersoccer team

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