Educational Experiences


Spring 2009
My field experience in Spring 2009 was in Hanover Elementary School. I had kindergarten, where I observed and taught for two days a week. This was my first time every being in a classroom and I enjoyed it very much.
Fall 2009
My field experience in Fall 2009 was in James Buchanan Elementary School. I had second grade and I observed and taught for two days a week. James Buchanan was a great educational experience where I was able to become more involved with students' learning.
Fall 2010
My field experience in Fall 2010 was in Marvine Elementary School. I had 5th grade and I observed and taught for two days a week. This was my first field experience where I had to teach various lessons. I was able to teach two math lessons that dealt with division and a reading lesson that emphasized on vocabulary. Marvine Elementary is a school that has a diverse population of inner-city students. Many of the students in my classroom had many different learning levels and learning styles, which was a challenge in itself. Throughout my challenging teaching experience, I learned many different strategies for diverse learners and effective classroom management.
Spring 2011
My current field experience is at Lincoln Elementary School. Here I am teaching all-day kindergarten, four hours, every day. I started this teaching experience in the middle of my Spring semester of 2011 after the intense "Junior Block" at Moravian College. Since I have been at Lincoln every day, I have taught seven lessons, played learning games with the students, and gave various formative assessments. Throughout my experience, I have learned that modeling, repetition and multiple assessments are vital in a kindergarten classroom. I have also learned that kindergarten is the building blocks for future education.

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