Educational Links

Social Studies Links

Brain Bop
A great site that teaches students about culture.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
bens guide
This site offers fanstastic and easy to understand information on our national government.
Social Studies for Kids globe
Social Studies for Kids is a site that has various subject areas.
Math Links
Cool Math 4 Kids
Cool Math 4 Kids is great for students to review their additions, times tables, subtraction, long division, fractions and decimals!!
Math Playground
Math Playground has fun math games, logic puzzles and math flashcards.
Fun Brain
Fun brain is an easy and interactive math website for students in grades K through 8!

Reading/Language Arts Links

Stuart J. Murphy MathStart
MathStart is a website that incorporates math and literature in picture books.
Storyline Online
A reading and language arts website where students can be read to by actors!
Fun School
fun school
Fun educational games and activities for kids.

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