My Educational Experiences!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have known I wanted to be a teacher! I used to play school with my sister and cousins, and I was always the teacher! In the summers I babysit full time, and I also help out with local school programs! I really didn't get too involved until I got to Moravian College! The Education program is wonderful, and it allows students to be in the classroom for a lot of time, starting Sophomore year. So far, I have had three expereinces, one in which I am now. The first was at Thomas Jefferson, the second at Farmersville, and the third at Freemansburg!
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Thomas Jefferson Elementary

At Thomas Jefferson, I was placed in a Kindergarten class. I had a great experience with the students, as well as my cooperating teacher. I was very involved with lessons, and it really helped me decide what grade I would like to teach. I fell in love with the Kindergarteners! I also liked that these students were classifed to be at lower economic staus, it was a rewarding experience!
Farmersville Elementary

At Farmersville, I had a totally different experience. I was placed in a fifth grade class. I had a good experience here because I got to see part of their literacy class, along with the entire advanced math class. It was amazing how smart the students were. One student even went to a sixth grade class at another school because he was so advanced in math! Even though I had a great time with these students, this helped me realize I enjoy teaching younger grades more.
Freemansburg Elementary

I am currently placed at Freemansburg Elementary in the lowest level first grade class. I am really enjoying myself here! For the most part, I am involved in a lteracy class, but on some days I am there to see math class too. The students are great, and I love helping them learn to read and write. It is such a rewarding experience. I am also able to observe and help ELL students.

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