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It all started in the Fall of 2010... 

    My first field experience was at Governor Wolf Elementary School in the Bethlehem Area
    School District.  I observed and assisted the AM kindergarten teacher and learned so much
    from the experience.  When the teacher was called to attend to a situation, I very willingly
    initiated as well as completed many lessons.  When I was not leading the class, I was by
    the side of the students offering assistance as well as guidance.
    These students were from various socio-economic backgrounds and several cultures from
    around the world.  They had much to say and made me feel welcomed right from the start. 
    I would have to say the most valuable lesson I learned from the students is that they all
    have special talents that need to be recognized by their parents and teachers; and as we
    all work together as a team we can teach them to be their very best...

    Currently, I am in my second field experience at Asa Packer Elementary School which is also
    in the Bethlehem Area School District.  My cooperating teacher is a veteran at Asa Packer
    of more than twenty years and has an amazing repertoire with his 5th grade students.  My first
    task was to practice math facts with five students who needed the additional assistance.  Soon
    I will be delivering my first guided reading lesson to a different group of students.  They are
    in for a unique and most interesting learning experience.  So far, what these students have
    taught me is that they all appreciate a sense of humor throughout the day which makes
    learning a lot more fun...

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