Educational Experiences

William Penn Elementary School

I was placed at William Penn Elementary School for my very first field experience. I was in a fourth grade classroom with Mr. Zimmerman. This being my first experience, I did not do too much but observed a great load of useful tips to help me in the future!


LVCC Learning Center

This learning center was my second placement. These children were four and five years old and were not very well off. I enjoyed working with these children and would love to work in a preschool environment again!

Marvine Elementary School

I was placed at Marvine Elementary for my third placement. I was placed in a third grade classroom with Mrs. McKinnon. This cooperating teacher taught me a lot about the world of education. I was able to not only observe but to teach a couple lessons to the students. I enjoyed Marvine very much!


Asa Packer Elementary School

I was placed at Asa Packer for my pre-student teaching experience. This is where I taught for four hours a day, five days a week. My pre-student teaching experience was one of the most useful experiences of all. I was able to teach eight lessons, create a learning center, and giving an assessment. I felt like a real teacher and I cannot wait to have my own classroom one day!