Educational Links
History Channel: Today In History
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Ever wondered what happened in history on this date? Find out here!
Info Please Timelines
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A great source of timelines for various periods in history
History of England
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Short Paragraphs describing every significant period in English/British History
Japan After WWII
Japan Guide Logo
Overview of Japan since 1945: rebuilding, democratizing and modernization
US History US History Logo
Full Text of Historical Documents that Have Shaped US History
American War of Independence Quiz
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A fun quiz to help learn some quick facts about the birth of the United States
Foreign Perspective On the French Revolution
Take A Look at how the British Newspapers responded to the violence of the French Revolution
Making the History of 1989: Memory of East Germany
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1989 was a critical year in history, explore one aspect of it with the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Chronology of the EU
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Trace the major developments in the formation and growth of the European Union

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