Educational Links

123TeachMe has various educational tools, including self-checking quizzes that help teach verb conjugations, specifically the verb "tener."
Learn Language
learn language
Learn Language has lists of the top 100 Spanish verbs, as well as conjugation charts to help keep useful learning aids that keep all important information in one spot.
Digital Dialects
digital dialects
This is another website that helps in the conjugation of specific, common verbs, and it also has verb conjugation games to help students learn in an fun way!
Elma Eagles
This site uses a hangman style game to help reinforce different verb conjugation forms and tenses, but it also includes various other resources, like grammar and vocabulary practice for three different levels: 1, 2, and AP.

Spanish Flash Cards
There are flashcard groups to practice all different categories of Spanish vocabulary, ranging from practicing the alphabet to body parts and colors.
There are several vocabulary practice games, including flashcard type games, as well as memory games, matching, and more!
Learn Spanish Today
This website includes a game called "Burrito Builder," which incorporates knowing the vocabulary as well as timely recall.  There are four different speed levels, making this suitable for all levels of learners.

Spanish Grammar Exercises
trinity university
This site, from Trinity University, includes grammar exercises from the most simple to the most complex, making this a very comprehensive source for learners of all levels.
Spanish Grammar Games
This site includes games to help students practice grammar at three different levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.  The website also includes notes on grammar, as well as numerous other useful tools, like vocabulary notes and games, verb conjugations, and a list of common mistakes.

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